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Below are convenient links for you to access myStreetscape and Albridge:


 If you have an account opened at Fidelity, you will then need to do three things:  

1) Go to On the top left, click on "Profile" then click "Register Now" and fill out your name, date of birth and last 4 digits of your SSN, then press Submit

2) Go to the accounts and trade tab, click on statements, click the option to choose to edit eDelivery and make this option to select yes you consent to eDelivery.    

3) Bank Account Link: Once logged in click the dropdown for Accounts and Trade on the left hand side.  Then 8 or so down the list click on Account Features.  Choose the option for Payments and Transfers.  Then choose EFT and then Link New Bank Account.   

You can always call Fidelity online access line and they can walk you through anything you need help with:  1-800-544-6666

Albridge Access - Consolidated Accounts

Albridge allows you to see all of your accounts (including accounts that are not MFG brokerage accounts) within one report. Albridge shows information that is generally on a 1-3 day lag.


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