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Prospective Client

Thank you for taking time to learn about our firm. Our process begins with an introductory meeting to help each of us determine if working together will build a successful long-term relationship.  We prefer to have a short profile completed to gain an understanding of where you are currently while having a conversation about your goals and priorities.   This is the only way to determine if working together is the best option.

Click here to download our questionnaire

Our firm limits the number of new relationships we build each year to help achieve an exceptional level of client service.   We only begin working with a new client relationship once we know you are comfortable with our firm and we can be confident in helping you achieve long-term success.   

Our questionnaire can be return to us by email, fax or mailed to our Medford office.  If you have any questions please let us know by calling or emailing us at any time.

Step 1        Goals Identification

                   During your initial meeting, your wealth advisor will attempt to gain a more complete understanding of who you are so that they can help identify what could be improved or changed to positively impact your wealth.

Step 2        Strategic Planning

                   Your wealth advisor will conduct a profile analysis on your current investments and review your statements.  They will use this information to create a plan that will help you reach your goals and objectives.

Step 3        Strategic Solution

                   Once we understand your goals, objectives and risk tolerance, we will then tailor an investment strategy.  Our process-driven, time-tested strategies are managed by our investment committee and research team.

Step 4        Communication

                   Once our strategy is in place, you will decide how we will communicate with one another. (via phone, email, webinars, appointments, etc )   You will also be able to access  your accounts and performance reports through our website.